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3SRV5 Voltage protection relays for three phase

  • Overview

    Phase sequence, over-voltage and under-voltage protection relays

  • Applications and functions

    Over-voltage and under-voltage protection
    Phase failure protection
    Phase sequence protection
    Phase unbalance protection

    Used in air-conditioning units, elevator machine rooms, pumps and other motor control applications, to protect the equipment by turning off the abnormal power supply.

  • Features

    Built-in microprocessor
    True RMS measurement, measure accuracy ≤ 1%
    Measuring frequency range 45 Hz to 65 Hz
    Setting by knob
    LED indication
    Applicable to rated voltage from 220 V to 460 V in three phase three wire system
    Easy mounting on DIN-rail

  • Technical specifications

    Rated supply voltage: 220-230-240-380-400-415-440-460 V AC
    Rated operating voltage: 187 - 529 V AC
    Rated supply frequency: 50/60 Hz
    Voltage measurement range: 176 V - 552 V AC
    Frequency measuring range: 45 Hz - 65 Hz
    Action time when phase failure or phase sequence: < 0.5 s
    Action time delay range: 0.1 - 10 s
    Fixed hysteresis value: 2% of rated operating voltage
    Voltage measuring error: ≤ 1%
    Time delay error: ±10% +0.1 s
    Konb setting accuracy: 1%
    Rated insulation voltage: 460 V
    Contact configuration capacity: 8 A
    Protection level: IP20
    Pollution degree: III
    Use category: AC-15
    Contact capacity: Ue/Ie 250 V/1.5 A
    Output type: 1 C/O

Product Information

Product Information

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